Beaumont Shotokan Karate
Frequently Asked Questions
How much do lessons cost?
Karate dues are $30.00 a month for one family member and
$50.00 a month for two family members.  Because families
derive many benefits from training together, our Family Dues are
just $60.00 a month for families of 3 or more (immediate family
members only) Payments should be made by the tenth of each

Do I have to sign a contract?
There are no contracts at Beaumont Shotokan Karate.  Students
pay on a monthly basis and are free to withdraw at any time.  

What other costs might I incur, besides the monthly dues?
In addition to monthly dues, you may incur the following expenses:
Gi...the cost of your gi, karate uniform, is just $20.00.  If you have
participated in a martial art prior to joining our dojo, and already
have a gi, that is acceptable as long as it is white and
Student Handbook...we encourage all students to purchase this
valuable resource, which includes testing information, Japanese
terminology, and more.  Handbooks can be ordered from Sensei
for $10.
SKI-USF the rank of 9 kyu, we ask that our students
purchase a patch for their gi.  The cost of the patch is $10.
Belt tests...Held every two months, belt tests cost $50/person.  
Students are not expected to test every time.  Most students will
test every 4-6 months.  
Sparring gear...At the rank of yellow belt, students who wish to
participate in sparring must purchase protective gear.  Children
require full gear, while adults may spar with only hand pads.  We
want to get you the best possible deal on gear while buying high
quality equipment; therefore, we sell the gear to you at our cost.  
Children’s gear will cost approximately $40.00 for female
students and $45.00 for male students. Adult hand pads are
Seminars, tournaments, etc...Throughout the year, we have
opportunities to attend karate seminars and tournaments in the
Houston area and beyond.  The cost for each of these events
varies, and while we do encourage our students to attend these
events, they are NOT required.  

Am I too old for karate training?  
Unless you were on the ark with Noah, you are not too old for
karate!  Martial arts provide benefits for adults of all ages.  
Whether or not you have previous martial arts experience, you
can profit from Shotokan training.  If you have health concerns,
please discuss them with your doctor before beginning this or any
exercise program.  

I have a previous injury or medical issue and I may not be
able to do everything in karate class.  Can I still come?
Absolutely.  Just inform the sensei of your particular concern, and
he will advise you as to how to proceed with training.  As stated
above, please check with your doctor first.    

Do you compete in karate tournaments?  Would I be
required to compete?
Our dojo members have the opportunity to compete a few times
each year.  These tournaments are NEVER REQUIRED of our
students, but are offered and encouraged.  There are a number of
benefits associated with the tournament experience, and those
students who desire to further their training through competition
have our full support.

Why do you bow in karate?  Is there a religious
significance to it?
There is nothing religious about bowing in Shotokan.  In a
Japanese environment, it is simply a sign of respect.  It also
serves as a greeting, similar to the American handshake.

How can I learn the Japanese terms used in class, and the
proper dojo etiquette?
Both elements of the karate experience are covered in detail in
the Student Handbook.  Use of this resource will greatly enhance
your understanding in the classroom, and is highly recommended
by the sensei.

How do I care for my karate uniform?
Your karate uniform, called a gi, can be machine washed
according to the care label inside the garment.  It can be
bleached before any patches are applied.  However, the patches
will fade if bleached.  Important note: NEVER WASH YOUR
BELT. Washing will change the belt’s color.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?
Sensei Patty Tanner can be reached at (832) 492-2220 or by e-
mail at
Gichin Funakoshi - Founder of Modern Shotokan Karate
Just as it is the clear mirror
that reflects without
distortion, or the quiet valley
that echoes a sound, so
must one who would study
karate-do purge himself of
selfish and evil thoughts,
for only with a clear mind
and conscience can he
understand that which he
--- Master
Gichin Funakoshi
Father of  
Shotokan Karate

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